Gratitude, it’s the word that comes to my mind when I think of last season. 2015/16 exceeded any of our dreams or expectations.  When mum and I were first starting out we didn’t really have any set goals or grand plans. We hesitantly stepped into it, our love of flowers leading the way. I often think back to those early days, the excitement and fear.
We pulled out all of mum’s old garden books and started listing varieties of roses that we loved. We spent week’s and months pouring over every website or book we could get our hands on. Paper was strewn through out the house with rose names and field plans scribbled each side.
Our knowledge of roses was limited to say the least. It consisted of 5 rose bushes in the garden, all of which were neglected and mostly stripped by pesky possums. However saying that the few blooms that did survive always took our breath away. “Souvenir De la Malmaison” with her heavy scent and double pink blooms, “Charles de Mills” who rambled down the hill out of the possums reach and graced us with deep magenta blooms each spring. And finally my most favourite, hidden under a canopy of trees, spindly from lack of light, “Ash Wednesday”, with her lilac grey petals.
I can’t imagine what this season will bring. What new doors will open, hurdles we’ll come up against and people we’ll meet. But here’s to another season in a field of roses!


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