A New Year Brings Changes...


Well what a year 2013 was! It’s been a real learning curve, you don’t know till you try, and well we’ve been doing a lot of trying and even more learning.  I’m so eager for this season to end, and start a fresh, with the new knowledge we have gained over these last couple of months.When we first set out and started planning this little business, we had all these grand ideas and dreams, some of which we now laugh at knowing what we know, and some we excitedly watch playing out in front of our eyes.
Even though we are still a couple of months out from the end of our first proper season, we now have a clearer direction of what we want to grow and expand, and what we want to perhaps step back from for the time being.
One area that we are wanting to grow is the cut garden, which will be turning less into a cut garden and more into a flower field, but it seems like less work if I use the word cut garden! We are really wanting to focus on growing those old time classics, and providing florists with that beautiful wild and free look that those classic cottage flowers provide. We are making room for more roses, not a huge amount but just a top up on the varieties that we have come to love and really rely on for their life and beauty.

Bring on 2014/2015 season!!!