Zoe Field

As we wait impatiently for the final flush…which surly should have happened by now! We are reminded of how little we know, we are treading on ground thats completely unfamiliar to us, our diaries are filled with notes “no roses” “FLUSH” “Aphid attack”, so that hopefully next year we can be more on the ball, better prepared. Well thats what we hope.
We’ve begun our plans for next year. Walking across the area we’ve mapped out looks incredibly daunting, but at the same time so exciting! I’ve just finished ordering seed, and am thinking we may need to extend just a little more….I can’t say no to a seed packet, especially new varieties I’ve never grown before. I have to see them in real life, goggle images only goes so far.
The amount of sweet pea varieties I’ve ordered is well…a lot, I keep telling myself this is your last packet, then you see a colour, and you picture it in a bouquet and you just know that without that coloured sweet pea, well that bouquet would be incomplete, so before you know it my shopping cart is looking very full!  I’ve had to source overseas to get the real gems, fingers crossed they don’t get seized at the border, I have been reassured that all will be alright.