Floret Interview

Zoe Field

This past season we had the honor of being interviewed by Erin Benzakin for her blog .
I’ve been a long time reader of Floret, first stumbling across her blog during our first year growing roses. It was such a source of inspiration to us. Her blogs were filled with endless advice and her beautiful photos would instantly transport you to her little farm in Skagit Valley. She offered us a little glimpse into the potential of what we could achieve with our little plot of dirt.
Whenever I found myself in a place of self-doubt I would revisit one of my favourite post’s of hers about a trip she took to a friends flower farm, a fellow rose grower “All my Thyme”. Who like us “followed her heart and intuition and planted hundreds and hundreds of roses”. I would read those words over and over. I had it bookmarked, and constantly returned to it (sometimes in the middle of the night!) to remind myself that what we were doing wasn’t completely crazy!

Thank you Erin and Dawn.