Second Flush

Zoe Field

We’ve been flat out with our second flush, which came a week too early for the markets, but hey what can you do. We had a huge amount come on and nowhere to send it, so we had to take one for the team and just fill our house with gorgeous roses…. it’s a hard life. Unfortunately these flushes really have a mind of there own, with the early arrival of spring this year, it meant we were a week ahead, which was one week to many, but thats what comes with the territory, when you work with the land, you hand over control and have to roll with the punches. Whether thats an early flush, an aphid/stink bug attack, rain when you least want it, or not enough rain when you need it, severe gales snapping your water shoots, 31+ degree heat bringing everything out at once…. yip the list goes on. It comes with the territory, sometimes its hard not to lose heart, these roses have caused me and mum to have more ups and downs then we can count, but we always go back to the fact that we really love what we do and feel truly blessed when we look out at that field of roses.