Winter Reflections

Zoe Field

We’ve been doing a lot of planning this month, the first month of winter, frosty mornings, grey days and a chance to catch our breath…kind of, theres still a lot to be done, but without all the pressure. Its a great time to reflect on the past season and draw up new plans with those lessons in mind.
Wet weather usually leaves me with to much time to sit in front of the computer, scrolling through endless seed catalogues and nursery plant lists, or looking for inspiration from other flower growers and florists, its so exciting to find such an amazing community of flower enthusiasts like ourselves.
Pretty much any money we made this year went straight back into the farm. New plants, seeds, irrigation, tools, weed mat, buckets etc. We were not set up at all last season, we had no idea what we would need, and the few things we did have we didn’t have enough of, 10 buckets, 20 boxes….seriously what were we thinking. So we were always running on a back foot, rushing around having to grab or order something in last minute. It was such a huge season for learning, and I’m sure the schooling hasn’t finished!
Our extra roses arrived this week, just in time for a huge storm. we weren’t able to get everything we had ordered so we’ll be getting more next year, and then hopefully that should do us…maybe. I’ve nearly finished ordering all our seeds and plants. We’re planting more Sweetpeas, Nigella, Achellia, Cornflowers, Scabiosa, Cosmos, Chinese forget-me-nots and Foxgloves, I can list these because I know we can grow them, I have a whole lot more plants that I’m trialing this year..but lets see if I can get them to germinate first! Also we’ve ordered in some Bleeding hearts and Chocolate Cosmos plants. I’ve drawn up my plans and I can’t really fit everything in…but if i have to dig up the unused tennis court I will! Some things we grew last year didn’t do amazingly at the flower markets, but I loved growing and picking them so much, that I couldn’t not plant them again, Foxgloves for example not very profitable but so so so gorgeous that I really have no hesitation about planting a whole load more! I think if the only reason you grow flowers is to make money…well this might not be the job for you. I just love flowers, I love picking them, arranging them, looking at them, smelling get the picture I LOVE FLOWERS!