About Us

Field of Roses is a small flower farm and floral design studio led by farmer/florist mother and daughter duo Zoe and Sue Field. Nestled in the beautiful Waingake Valley just outside of Gisborne, New Zealand. From a field overlooking rolling hills and the river valley below, we grow an assortment of garden roses, flowering annuals and perennials—each lending themselves to wild and romantic designs. As a mother and daughter team, we work side-by-side (along with our dogs) planting, tending, picking, and designing from Spring through to Autumn.
Sue & Zoe field

Our Farm
We grow a wide range of flowers. Roses being our main crop, with one thousand garden roses keeping us busy throughout the year and just under an acre of cut flowers. We love growing all the classics—Sweet Peas, Foxgloves, Dahlias, Zinnias, Nigella, Lupins, Poppies, Clematis, the list goes on. This is truly our passion. No season is ever the same with new varieties being grown and discovered every year. To say we love flowers would be an understatement.

Our Family
Field of Roses is truly a family affair. Zoe, the daughter, is the design force behind the business. As trained florist, Zoe—when not busy weeding or planting—is off designing for local weddings, picking orders, and planning out the flower field. Sue’s expertise is growing. The matriarch of the team she has acquired many years of horticultural knowledge, working on this land for over 37 years together with her husband and Zoe's dad, Roly. Roly’s the all-round handy Dad, always helping where he can, whether it's building sheds, irrigating the fields, moving fences, or mowing lawns. And of course where would we be without our loyal pups, who are never far from our side, whether busily patrolling the field for rabbits or just sleeping the day away in the field, they truly live the life!
L to R: Alfie, Sue, Zoe, and Theo

Design Philosophy
Floristry was the driving force behind planting our field of roses. As a designer, I felt limited by what I could create with the product that was available at the time. As I grew as a designer, so did the field. My aesthetic draws inspiration from nature. It is loose and romantic in style. My hope is for every bouquet and arrangement to tell a story about the land in which it was grown, as well as the seasons from which it came. Whether it’s filled with delicate spring blooms, sun-loving summer flowers, or earthy autumn tones, each one is a true celebration of the seasons. We pride ourselves on growing all the ingredients for our designs. However, on the rare occasions when we need to order in flowers, we make sure to only source New Zealand-grown product.
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